• In-car Wi-Fi for up to 5 devices
  • Vehicle location and monitoring
  • Vehicle route history
  • Driving behaviour reports
  • Diagnostices alerts
  • Vehicle health reports
  • One-time device purchase $1000 + VAT
  • CarHub 3Gb Data $100 monthly + VAT
  • CarHub 40Gb Data $299 monthly + VAT

Upgrade from the $525 to $599 Post-paid Plan and get 50% OFF the device cost and a free $100 CarHub package!

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How it works?

CarHub is a plug and play device that supports wifi connectivity and vehicle diagnostics. The devices connects directly into the OBD2 port of a vehicle. The devices connects to an app which which collections information from the Carhub device. The device track things like the vehicle’s location and the driver’s driving behavior and engine diagnostics.

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